Pet Water Fountain Gifts 2021

As I’ve been working on my Christmas Gift Guide 2021, I knew I had to include your pets (and mine) in it. And what better way to do that than with  LAIKA Aqua Pet Water Fountain that I found while searching for new pet dishes for my fur babies. Before getting my cats a water fountain, I had water dishes in every room just about, because I didn’t want them to run out of water out of one water dish.

This can be time-consuming as it’s constant cleaning, I have one cat that drags her food into the water for some reason.

Not only do I keep multiple water dishes inside but I do outside as well, and I’ve noticed that when it’s raining, my cats prefer to drink directly from my water spouts outdoors.  So I knew, they’d love a pet water fountain, and I was right. And thankfully, my cat hasn’t added any food to the water as it’s higher off the ground. Plus an added bonus is that it’s been super easy to keep clean.

Pet Water Fountain Gifts 2021

Their new water fountain is now the most used water dish I own.  I didn’t realize until I got it for them just how much cats love running water.  Surprisingly, my little Chihuahua also drinks from it now.

It’s whisper quiet.  In fact, I don’t hear it running at all.  I think if I did, one of the cats if not all of them would have a problem getting near it.  She’s a foster, is quite a bit older, and spooks easily. If you live in a small space and have to put the fountain in your room, you can rest assured you’ll still sleep like a baby even with it running.

Pet Water Fountain Gifts 2021

The fountain has a unique and amazing filter system.  I’ve screenshot the below information directly from the website.

Pet Water Fountain Gifts 2021

If you know of someone with pets that could use this fountain for their pets, Christmas is a great time to gift one to them.  If you’re ready to make a purchase for yourself or someone else, click on the above link to get started.

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