I appreciate companies who think about the environment when they create new products. One such company is Bubble Tree.  They were able to do what others have not been able to.  They created the first-ever eco-friendly sustainable bubble system that uses a non-toxic bubble solution made in the USA. Keep reading to learn more about their recyclable and refillable aluminum bubble bottles for kids.

Kids love bubbles but a lot of parents don’t want to add to the already full landfills with more plastic bottles that can only be used one time. Over the years I’ve tried to create my own ways of making bottle alternatives that were not causing more damage to our environment. I was never able to come up with a long-term solution but the makers of Bubble Tree have.

Recyclable Reusable Bubble Tree Gifts 2021

Not only were they able to come up with a better way to house the bubbles, but they’ve also created an environment-friendly way to house bubble refills as well. The bubble solution itself is made with all-natural products making it safe as well as refillable. The best way I can describe the solution is, BUBBLEICIOUS. Even the slightest amount of blowing creates endless bubbles making the bubbles last and outlast other bubble brands.

Recyclable Reusable Bubble Tree Gifts 2021
Normally I would recommend adding bubbles to Christmas stockings but these bubbles are stylish and practical enough to wrap and give as gifts.  They come in packaging that’s easy to wrap and even the packaging is recyclable.

Click on my links to learn more about Bubble Tree USA and what all they have to offer.

Play, refill, play some more.

Recyclable Reusable Bubble Tree Gifts 2021

While I am featuring Bubble Tree on my Christmas gift guide, these make great gift ideas for just about any occasion; school staples, party favors, and kid-friendly, locally produced, ecologically safe gift items.

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