Clean Tub Fun with Dabble and Dollop Gifts 2021

Today I continue to promote unique and affordable gift ideas for Christmas and this post and the products are all about clean bath fun from Dabble and Dollop.

After finding this company on Google search, I was intrigued to learn more about them and their products so I decided to order the Christmas gift box to see if it is gift guide worthy.  Hint:  it is. I liked the idea of fun and yummy scented bath products turned into clean bathroom fun toys.

Clean Tub Fun with Dabble and Dollop Gifts 2021

The Christmas bath set comes with super scented Strawberry and Honeydew Gels and Vanilla Whip.  It comes in a fun box and can be wrapped for gift given or just add a bow and it’s ready.

Clean Tub Fun with Dabble and Dollop Gifts 2021

How Dabble and Dollop works is that you can use the scents to create your very own scents by mixing them together.  By adding drops from one to the other to the other, in random amounts, your child can create up to 7 new scents to lather up with.  There are recipe suggestions the kids can use or they can make up their own recipes as they get creative. It only takes a small amount to get the job done and your kids’ new creation becomes a fun new inspiration for bath time.  Plus they get a bubble bath, body washes as well as shampoo out of it.

Each gift set comes with its own mixing bowl to inspire creativeness. I love the idea behind this company and the products. The scents are absolutely delicious-smelling, and the fact that they’re not something you would find just anywhere makes them unique. The bottles are nice and large. Combined, the three bottles are almost 30 oz. As I already mentioned it doesn’t take a lot of the products so they’ll last for a good while.

Clean Tub Fun with Dabble and Dollop Gifts 2021

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or you want to give them as a set in the provided gift box, click on my link to learn more and to check out all of the different sets and products.  You can buy individual bottles as well as bath bombs and more.  Right now they have a sale going on so go take advantage of the savings as I did.

Not only do they make great Christmas gifts, but they’d also make great Birthday gifts as well.

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