Don Pablo Coffee Gifts 2021

I’ve been a Don Pablo fan for about 7 years now.  I discovered them while trying to find coffee companies that deliver.  I drink a lot of coffee and due to my failed back surgery, I can’t just jot down to the store every time I need coffee. Which is often.  I drink coffee from morning to night and I enjoy each and every cup of fresh Don Pablo coffee.

The first product I ever bought from them was their signature blend.  It’s still a favorite of mine and I can’t think of anything better than sitting around my fire pit on a cold winter night with a fresh cup of freshly ground beans from Don Pablo.

Recently I discovered their bourbon-infused coffee and I can tell you that it’s also going to be a favorite.  The beans are soaked in Kentucky Bourbon before they’re roasted and for any bourbon and coffee fan, you’re going to love this blend.  It comes in decaf as well.  It will make a unique gift for those on your gift-giving list who would enjoy it.

Don Pablo Coffee Gifts 2021

If you’re not sure about the blend to get your gift recipient, check out the sampler options.  For the cooks in your life, the Don Pablo coffee spice grinders are now available in a variety pack. These spices are great for just about every meat option as well as on pasta salads, baked potatoes, and even french fries.  For someone like myself who loves to get creative in the kitchen, these spices are a must-have for a nice twist from boring to interesting foods.

The spices include freshly ground coffee, with some peppercorn, garlic, onion, oregano, and sea salt, bourbon-infused coffee, and more, depending on which spice you use.  The flavors are uniquely combined to enhance your meals.  You can also buy the spices individually.

Don Pablo Coffee Gifts 2021

No grinder is needed for the spices.  A grinder is built in each jar.

Don Pablo Coffee Gifts 2021

While you finish up your gift-giving list, make sure you treat the coffee lovers in your life with Don Pablo coffee blends.

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