Soft Love Held Linen Bedding Carriers Baby Gifts 2021

LoveHeld baby sling carriers offer moms and babies a way to provide support as well as to keep babies close to our hearts.

Having tried several carriers myself over the years, I wanted to share with you today because their sling carriers are quality made and will last as long as you need them to, and then some. They’re big enough to grow as the baby does and come in a variety of colors and styles.  You can also use the carriers on your chest or your back depending on the child’s age, etc…

They also have single as well as double layers available depending on your needs or the needs of the gift recipient.

These carriers are ethically made and responsibly sourced. They donate a sling baby carrier to a family in need, per every 10 sold.  Not only are you buying one for yourself or to give as a shower gift, or even a Christmas gift, but you’re helping to put one in the hands of a family who wouldn’t have one otherwise.

LoveHeld also offers baby crib sheets, linden sheets for all-size beds through King, duvet covers as well as throws and nursery blankets to name a few. Their linen bears and bunnies are the perfect first toys for newborns and toddlers.

If you’re crafty or you want to try your hand at small linen projects, check out their fabric bundles.   You get a grouping of 20 different LoveHeld textiles (current or retired) of various textures and sizes, that are perfect for small personal projects.

Click on my links to see what all they have to offer in the way of gifts for the holidays or even as a baby shower gift.  Don’t forget to treat yourself to one, you deserve it. You can select a single item, a gift set or whatever it is you need all with free USA shipping.

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