Smooth Curves with Calypso Gifts 2021

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  While everyone else is heading South for warmth, I fire up my fire pit, drink loads of homemade cocoa, and look forward to all of the upcoming holiday parties.  The homemade cocoa is one of the reasons I purchased a swimwear dress this year.

I knew good and well, I would put on the winter pounds that I do every year. I’m not as active when it’s cold out, and when it’s time to dress up, I don’t want to look like I’m wearing my cocoa on my waist.

I’ve owned swimwear before but to be honest, I’ve never gotten the results I had hoped to. I like to wear slim-fitting dresses so I need the support of a good product like the slip dress shaper at Calypso.  I first heard of Calypso when a friend of mine recommend trying the Calypso Shapewear Dress, and because I trust her word (plus she always looks amazing in a dress), I decided to get one.

Smooth Curves with Calypso Gifts 2021

All I’ve done so far is to try it on under my dresses, and have not worn it for hours at a time yet, but I feel confident enough in how it looks and feels to recommend it to you. Not just for those holiday parties you might be planning to host or go to, but also to give as gifts for the woman or women in your life if you came here looking for gift ideas.

Smooth Curves with Calypso Gifts 2021

My daughter even asked for a couple of pieces from Calypso for Christmas.  Women like to be pampered by products that they may not otherwise be able to buy for themselves.  Their shapewear is perfect for everyone and it provides seamless support. The swimwear does not stretch out in my experience. It holds it all in. It really smooths out my curves as they should look.

Click on my above link to head on over and check out the Calypso Shapewear Dress or any other Calypso product.

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