Eco-friendly Dish Drying Mat

If you’re trying to find a unique and useful gift idea for homemakers, I recommend you consider the Wool Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve from Sonoma Wool Company.  I recently purchased one to test out to see if I wanted to add it to my Christmas Gift Guide and I’m so impressed with this dish drying mat.

This drying mat brings back fond memories of my childhood.  We had a sheep ranch in Pennsylvania and I loved playing with them and being a part of wool shearing.  Even at a young age, I knew how important their wool is for the economy.  When I started looking for a drying mat, I wanted a wool mat similar to what my mom made and used during our childhood.

While searching for wool mats I came upon the Sonoma Wool Company.  I found the perfect mat and I’ve been happy with it ever since.

Eco-friendly Dish Drying Mat

To start with, the drying mat is 100% wool and handmade.  I love anything handmade when it comes to gift-giving.  Another plus about the drying mat is that it’s eco-friendly.  The mat is made with all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable fibers in a little red barn on the sheep and cattle Pozzi Ranch.

Eco-friendly Dish Drying Mat

The mat is really durable.  As you can see from my photos it’s made to last for years to come.  It’s nice and thick and dries my dishes quickly.  It comes with its own linen sleeve which is also quality made to last.

As you finish up your Christmas gift list, your purchase of this mat will help support this small, family-owned sheep ranch.  Purchasing all-natural products help the environment as well.

Click on the above link to learn more about this company and all of the products they sell.

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