Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkCleaning


I have been a cleaning fool. I guess I could come up with worse things to admit so I’ll say it loud and say it proud. My cleaning is coming along and I added a new product to my spring cleaning must have list. My vacuum died on me a couple of weeks ago. Now to me, a vacuum is a big deal. I have pet hair to deal with and kids tracking in mud and dirt from our spring showers. I want a vacuum that has all the bells and whistles with it comes to attachments. I love bagless vacuums because that’s one less thing I have to remember to purchase. I prefer handheld vacuums that are light weight. I expect so much from my vacuum purchases, that they practically have to vacuum by themselves. After comparing 349574872857901 a few vacuum cleaners and features, Shark® Rocket® Complete with DuoClean™ Technology won by far as my choice for spring cleaning. It practically does vacuum by itself with my gentle guidance.

Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkClean

Here are some of the bells and whistles I referred to that I received with my new vacuum: (I even got a free under appliance wand with my purchase)
Pet Upholstery Tool
Dusting Brush
12” Crevice Tool
On-Board Tool Clip
Wall Mount
30’ Cord

Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkClean

Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkClean

Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkClean

Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkClean

As I mentioned I have a dog. With my dog comes dog hairs. I don’t care that he adds more work when it comes to keeping my home clean, I love his shedding little self. However, because of his shedding, I wanted a vacuum that had a pet upholstery tool. This one does. Check!

I hate dusting with a passion so I wanted a vacuum that had a dusting brush with it as well. I know, I expect a lot out of a vacuum cleaner but in this day and time with all of the new updates, there is something for everyone in the Shark Cleaning line. It was only a matter of deciding which one was for me.

Other features are listed above but the main reasons I knew this was the right vacuum for me was the two points mentioned above, the under appliance wand and the light weight. I had failed back surgery so I can’t move things around when I clean and I can’t manage a heavy vacuum. I can’t stand the thought of dirt though so I wanted something that would work under my appliances to give me peace of mind that my home is tip top clean.

I can vacuum my floors as well as carpet or rugs. With its triple particle cleaning (small and large particles and even stuck on particles), there isn’t any floor surface that I can’t use this on, from tile to hardwood. The light allows me to see even the smallest of dirt. The head turns every which way so I can get beside walls as well as in corners.

As far as selecting a vacuum that practically vacuums by itself, I was sort of kind of kidding about that. Or was I? Once I turn my Shark on, it takes off without any effort on my part. It cleans better than any vacuum I’ve ever owned with its duo, two brushrolls head (bristle and soft), and amazing suction power.

Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkClean

Click on any of my links to learn more and I just bet you’ll want a Shark® Rocket® Complete with DuoClean™ Technology to tackle your spring cleaning as well.

What feature are you most excited about in the Shark Rocket Complete?

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36 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Continues with Shark Rocket Complete @SharkCleaning

  1. What an amazing vaccum. I am gonna buy this one. It’s featured are really awesome, Thank you so much for sharing such a great product.

  2. Shark Rocket complete with Duoclean is far more better than the original series. Just love the Duoclean design, which is very handy for picking up both debris and fine dust.

  3. I can see how spring cleaning is so much easier with Shark. I also have a Shark and absolutely love it.

  4. That sounds like an awesome vacuum and it has everything that you need to make sure all the parts of the house are clean and dust free. I sure would love one of those!

  5. My vaccuum died too. I don’t really have any kind of budget but with two extremely messy toddlers a vaccuum is an actual need..I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  6. I have the Shark Navigator I think it is called, and I love it! This looks like it would be great too! I have had mine forever and it still works great, but I kind of want something new lol

  7. This vacuum would be perfect for our family. We have all wood floors which is so much easier to keep clean. I use ky dust mop and then use a portable vac to pick up the pile. Then I mop it.

  8. that dang ceiling fan, I have dusting so anytime the vacuum can stuck up most of that annoying dust the better! I also need an all in one kind of vacuum… I’ll have to get this vacuum when the other one craps out : )

  9. Sounds like an amazing vacuum to have – I love the more lightweight ones too, because my youngest daughter likes helping around the house and she’s only seven so she can’t move a heavier vacuum very well. This one really comes with a ton of attachments though – that’s awesome!

  10. Wow! It combines adequate cleaning power with a broad array of cleaning extensions into a recommendable, affordable, lightweight vacuum.

  11. I think those attachments are incredible exciting, especially the dusting brush! I have a Shark currently, an older model that is still crushing it in the cleaning department, but I sort of wish it was failing so could have this one! Seriously though, I LOVE Shark!

  12. Such a timely post .. I’m starting to think about spring cleaning. I’ve used other Shark products in the past and all have been wonderful. I’ll definitely keep this on in mind .. thanks for a great review!

  13. I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys cleaning because it relieves my stress haha. Seeing this really makes me want to go buy one and start cleaning my apartment… Crap.

  14. Oh my Gosh I am obsessed with doing vacuum every day because of the kids !! This was an awesome review and I will keep this vacuum in mind for when mine decides it’s done with me lol

  15. I’ve used Shark products in the past. I’ve always really liked them. Seems like this would be a really good one to have. Thanks so much for the review.

  16. I don’t hate dusting. I just hate as soon as I walk away it comes back. 😀 I was surprised about the dusting attachment . That would be my favorite !

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