The Painful Truth About Your Paracetamol Habit

he Painful Truth About Your Paracetamol Habit

Aging tends to be full of aches and pains. From back niggles to sore knees and hips, it’s not unusual to experience issues on a recurring basis, and we tend to turn to shelf-bought medicines like paracetamol to see us through. Oh yes, those magic white pills can become real areas of calm in an otherwise painful storm, especially for those of us who experience recurrent aches that prevent sleep and more. But, research continues to reveal that painkillers might not be as good for us as we think.

he Painful Truth About Your Paracetamol Habit

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Paracetamol is especially guilty here, as its easy availability and mild effects leave us thinking it’s a safe bet. Yet, long-term use of any drug, including paracetamol, is never good news. While paracetamol might not have the addictive and obviously harmful impact of stronger painkillers, ongoing use can still lead to a range of issues including – 

  • Impaired kidney function
  • Risk of heart attacks
  • Internal bleeds

And, research is uncovering further risks every day!

Luckily, few of us need this drug as much as we believe. To help you kick the paracetamol habit, we’re going to consider a few longer-lasting solutions that will soon show you a healthier way to deal with your aches.


It may seem simple, but you’re sure to benefit from exercising rather than taking invasive pills. Something as simple as a half-hour walk or a short yoga session can work wonders for a wide range of pains. What’s more, the strengthened muscles from practices like these could help you to keep pain at bay for good. Even better, rather than causing unintentional harm elsewhere like pills, exercise can only improve every facet of your body. 

Natural remedies

Natural pain relief remedies used to get a bad rep, but they’ve come on leaps and bounds since the days of old. Now, we’re realizing the benefits of natural pain relief across the board, most namely with help from herbs like cannabis. By turning to natural cannabis from a dispensary like Sweet Flour instead of your medicine cabinet, you stand to enjoy pain relief without the bad stuff. Other natural options gaining significant traction right now include herbs such as turmeric and even treatments like acupuncture, each of which can heal without harm!

A visit to your doctor

Paracetamol use on a long-term basis becomes especially damaging when you consider that many of us turn to this solution instead of seeking the help we need. It’s this masking of growing pains that often leads to significant problems and the need for extensive treatment later on. As such, our last but most important point is to replace your paracetamol habit with a good old visit to your doctor. In the case of chronic pain, the chances are that they’ll also recommend solutions like exercise, etc. but, they’ll also be able to complete tests that let you know once and for all what’s going on with your body. And, few things could be better than that for healing pain at last.

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