Wet Ones® and their “Messiest Kid in America” contest #WishIHadaWetOnes #ad

Wet Ones® and their "Messiest Kid in America" contest #WishIHadaWetOnes #ad

This post is sponsored by Wet Ones® Hand Wipes. All opinions stated are 100% mine.

Do you have the messiest kid in America? I already know the answer to that because I’m fixing to introduce you to the messiest kid in America. From birth to date, she remains a very messy little stinker and I’d even go as far as to say, that she’s 100% an outdoor child. The muddier it is outside, the more she likes it. Mud puddles remain her favorite and at the first sign of rain she’ll run indoors and put on her rain boots so she can jump in them.

Wet Ones® and their

Even now that she’s older, she still waits for rain just as much as she did during her younger years.

Wet Ones® and their

Wet Ones® and their "Messiest Kid in America" contest #WishIHadaWetOnes #ad

Abby’s view on life is that “boys have cooties,” her words, not mine, lol. But, secretly, I think she’s going to make a great farmer’s wife when she grows up. I say that because I’ve been known to grumble about picking in the garden, but not her. She’ll race me out there and start long before I get there. She gets dirty. DIRTY.

Wet Ones® and their

I don’t care how dirty she gets, not in the least little bit. Kids need to have fun and get dirty. I do try to clean her up afterwards though before I let her in the house. She’s bad about bringing in anything from chickens to great big turtles. She’s fearless and like I already mentioned, she’s the messiest kid in America. I can’t tell you the number of times she’s had her dirty hand prints on my wall over the years but after discovering Wet Ones® Hand Wipes my life has gotten easier. They work amazingly well, even when it comes to this messiest kid in America.

Wet Ones® and their

Kids and dirt go hand in hand. It’s expected that they are going to get dirty. Experience has taught me to keep Wet Ones® Hand Wipes on hand; by the doors, and every where else I feel like I can grab one in a hurry before she touches my white walls. I bet each of you can think of a time when you wished you had some Wet Ones® Hand Wipes on hand for your messy kid.

They come in a variety of designs to suit everyone. The Wet Ones® Hand Wipes singles stay in my handbag and car so when we’re out and about I can just open one and take care of those little dirty hands. They come in a plastic cylinder or canister if you will, which is what I keep in the bathroom and kitchen. The travel packs I keep by the door so I can try to catch Abby before she heads in to play.

• Wet Ones® Canisters
• Wet Ones® Singles
• Wet Ones® Travel packs

Why Wet Ones® Hand Wipes? Well, quite simply, they work at removing dirt for even the messiest kid in Americas hands. One wipe is usually all I need to tackle any mess. Studies show that they even clean better than hand sanitizers. They kill 99.99% of germs making them tough on dirt while remaining gentle on kids skin. For me, they are the perfect choice when I don’t have soap or water available. If that’s not enough to convince you, how about the fact that they are hypoallergenic? I can’t think of a reason why you would use not use them for clean-ups after contact with germs, sticky foods, greasy dirt and everyday messes.

Wet Ones® and their “Messiest Kid in America” contest #WishIHadaWetOnes #ad

For more information visit www.wetones.com.

Are you ready to enter the Wet Ones® Messiest Kid in America Contest for your chance to win $5,000?

How to Enter:

 Post a pic of your child age 2 to 17 years old at their messiest using the hashtag #WishIHadAWetOnes and #Contest on Instagram or Twitter
 Or upload a photo to www.WishIHadAWetOnes.com
 1 Grand Prize winner receives $5,000 plus a year’s supply of Wet Ones®
 5 First Prize winners each receive a $2,500 Visa® Prepaid Card

Wet Ones® and their "Messiest Kid in America" contest #WishIHadaWetOnes #ad

America’s #1 Hand Wipe*
*#1 claim based on scan data for 52 weeks ending 1/23/16

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  1. I love Wet Ones for me but being a Mom of a toddler and a boy (2 kids total) means I never leave home without Wet Ones. I even keep a pack in the glove box.

  2. What a fun contest! With 3 boys, I am always working to keep my boys less messy. We go through a lot of wipes!

  3. Wet Ones are something I have always had on hand and especially in my car. The singles are what I need to start carrying in my purse so thanks for that idea. Thanks for sharing this awesome contest which I will have to share with my nieces and sister for their little ones.

  4. Wet ones is really awesome! We’ve always have it because my son always wanting to mess with his playmate.

  5. Yes I do!!! They are constantly making messes and they love it! We always bring wet wipes, so we can clean after

  6. Kids can get so messy. They get into everything. Your kid really got into that mud lol. Kids love having fun and playing. It’s always great to have Wet Ones at hand.

  7. My house is always stocked with wet one wipes cause there’s never a minute my kids get their hands dirty!

  8. Wet Ones are a favorite staple to have on hand for messy hands! We always pick some up from the store so we make sure we always have plenty of them available.

  9. Lol! Love that you already have her pegged as a farmers wife even though “boys have cooties”! I love playing in the dirt too but ended up marrying a “Jack of all trades” kinda guy. We have a package of wet wipes in the van cause around here messes are only going to happen when we can’t get to the sink!

  10. Love, love, love wet ones! They are an everyday staple in our house. I take them on the go and make sure we are always stocked up. They are a must with kiddos!

  11. I love Wet Ones. My kids love getting dirty no matter where we are, so these wipes come in so handy for us!

  12. All I have to say is Best Invention in the world! I used these been before I had children ad I will continue to use them long after my kiddos are out of my home which will be quite awhile! ☺

  13. I swore by Wet Ones when the kids were little and constantly making big messes. This is such a fun contest from Wet Ones.

  14. Never without a pack of Wet Ones! They were so much of a necessity in our house when the kids were growing up. Although nothing beats washing with soap and water, but when you’re out of the house or traveling, Wet Ones will take care of the mess.

  15. It is really great that wet ones can help for all sorts of messes beyond just baby years. These are fun photos. jumping in the mud is just a blast!

  16. I keep Wet Ones in my car for all those little-unexpected messes. Your daughter is adorable and I remember when I was that age and loved playing in mud puddles.

  17. Robin Masshole Mommy

    We go through a lot of Wet Ones in our house. My boys certainly know how to get themselves messy!

  18. We have Wet Ones and use them all the time! They were a life savers on the last plane ride!

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