Zipit Beast Box. Unleash the Beast.

Zipit Beast Box. Unleash the Beast.

I received a product sample for review purposes.

When I received my handy new Zipit Beast Box, I Lol. I knew right away that the kids were going to have a lot of fun with this handy storage box (as well as yours truly because I’m a kid at heart). It’s just too cute not to love and although it makes the best pencil box, I’ve decided to use it for storage while traveling.

Zipit Beast Box.  Unleash the Beast.

While this box comes in a fun variety of colors, I selected yellow. Yellow happens to be our latest fun color for travel. Every year we change our travel accessory colors and this year it’s been yellow all the way. That saves fights with kids because they know ahead of time what color we’ll get for any given product. My idea works perfectly and saves me a lot of headaches from everyone wanting different colors, lol. The fun design of our new beast box really makes it special.

Zipit Beast Box. Unleash the Beast.

Zipit Beast Box.  Unleash the Beast.

Our cool Zipit Beast Box holds hand sanitizer which we use religiously and without fail, wipes, pet documents, chargers, snacks, first aid products and whatever else we need it for at any given moment. It’s roomy while not being super large and bulky. The outer cover is soft (so far I’ve been able to wash any hand prints off it with no problems) and I have to say that the zipper is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s going to last and outlast the many different times it’s in use. It appears to be a really durable product which is surprising given the affordable price. Speaking of price, right now, you can buy two of any boxes and get the third one free. I don’t know how long this will last so take advantage of it today.

Other uses for the Zipit Beast Box include but are not limited to:

Holds Up to 50 pencils and pens
Many Office supplies
Art supplies
First Aid products
Makeup and more!

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Do you have a favorite travel color?

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25 thoughts on “Zipit Beast Box. Unleash the Beast.

  1. We’ve been collecting and re-designing old cigar boxes to do essentially the same thing or to use as small trinket treasure boxes. Never really thought about marketing them as pencil or crayon boxes.

  2. I would’ve never pegged this as a pencil box! I’d so use it as a storage/traveling box as well. It looks perfect for travel sized bottles, make-up, and other small items that should have their own space so as not to get everywhere. And the fact that it’s cute and made of good quality makes this an awesome buy.

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