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I use wax warmers in my home because most spray scents cause a headache, and I really love the relaxation that certain wax tart scents produce. So, candles and wax warmers are my go-to for stress relief over any spray scents. I use scent therapy to help manage my chronic pain level so I go through a lot of candles and wax tarts. Certain scents relax me and when I find some that work, I stick to them. The same goes with wax warmers.

I recently added a new wax warmer to my collection that I received free to review and I love it’s beachy look. I. Love. The. Beach. I go to the beach every chance I get to take photos and to relax. The beach seems to soothe my pain some and I always seem to be able to lower my pain level at the beach. My new By The Sea Wax Warmer now lives in my bathroom and when I’m soaking my back in the hot tub during high pain level days, the scent from my wax really does help relax me and the decor of it reminds me of my trips to the beach. Double therapy.

My new candle wax warmer comes in two pieces. The top is removeable to add and remove the wax tarts. It has a starfish shaped emblem to grasp so the hot wax doesn’t burn my sensitive fingers.

By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

It came with the bulb needed to melt the wax. It also gives enough light in my very dark bathroom so I don’t have to use a night light any more. I keep my wax burner on day and night when I’m home. I turn it off when I’m going to be away.

By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

One of the things I like about this candle wax warmer is that it has a switch to turn on and off on the cord. I have a couple of wax warmers that are sitting in my cabinet unused because I have to plug and unplug them to use them. My plugs are not easy to get to and bending with my back injuries is unheard of.

By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

I like the long cord on this wax warmer. I have a limited amount of wall plug in sockets and they all are behind with my furniture, it seems so I have to buy products with a long cord to reach my wall sockets.

By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

The base of my warmer does not get real hot so I’m able to keep it on my bathroom counter instead of on tiles or other heat resistant surfaces. I use one wax tart every few days.

Electric Candle Wax Warmer - By the Sea

Electric Candle Wax Warmer - By the Sea




You can buy your own By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer on Amazon. There are several styles to choose from.

Where would you put your By The Sea Wax Warmer?

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9 thoughts on “Beachy New By the Sea Wax Warmer #scentsationals

  1. It’s very sweet. I’d probably choose a different design as beachy isn’t something you see much of here in Montana. Beary maybe. heh. I love wax warmers though – so nice.

  2. This looks very cute! I like that it doesn’t get to warm so you can put it anywhere (which is the whole idea isn’t it?) I think I would put one in my bathroom.

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