Minimalist Decor Ideas To Save Space

Minimalist Decor Ideas To Save Space

A challenge with which many of us are familiar, the smaller spaces of modern urban living can get a bit cramped. This makes it hard to decorate and customise a space to feel like home. It also seemingly restricts our options for the more bespoke type of instalments, such as water features or indoor fireplaces. 

A quick look at and similar websites will provide some solutions compact decor such as indoor water walls make for a unique approach to modern minimalist decor. With these companies providing custom options one could implement in a restrictive living area, there is a market for minimalist decor for small apartments.

It may also be the case that you do not have space restrictions but would like to minimise and modernise your home. Either way, we have just a list of ideas for you. Having scoured the web and looked to inspiration from some of the most beautiful minimalist abodes, we have compiled our top picks for space-saving decor.

False Floor Storage Space

Picture entering your minimalist apartment, the flooring is multileveled by just a single step. The step up to the elevated flooring hides a very convenient secret; a sturdy false floor that boasts tons of storage space. One of the most significant strains on space in a smaller apartment is the addition of surplus storage space, and in terms of practicality, it often seems the only option. This ingenious solution circumvents the problem altogether.

Murphy Beds

Do you know those beds that pull out from a wall? Well, those are Murphy beds. Before you dismiss the idea offhand, it is worth taking a look at some of the modernised renditions of the concept. A space-saving option that looks like a subtle wall extrusion hides your bed while acting as a workaround for not having a built-in option. There is also a brilliant shelved option that works as an extra bit of storage space.

Floating Shelves

This may not sound like much of a revelation, but you would be surprised to learn just how much space you can save by moving all of your shelving up onto the wall. While the conventional applications for bookshelves and entertainment systems may be obvious; there are some more fundamental approaches you can take. Consider a floating shelf to replace your bedside table. Now add a simple hinge system, and you have a discreet and hideable option to replace a cumbersome traditional nightstand.

Rotating Hideable Desk Space

A desk is a must for most of us, but they tend to take up a lot of space. What if you invested in a hidden pivoting desk space that slides into the upper part of your kitchenette cupboard? This is a modern and practical solution to the problem, and a sturdily hinged pivot means that this sort of desk can carry a good deal of weight.  

Fold Out Dinner Table

It may seem a bit of a cheat, but why not combine your rotating desk space with a dining table solution, or buy folding leg tables. After all, the point is to minimise and avoid redundant fixtures. You could double the size of your desk with a simple, hinged double top. When you need to switch from desk to dinner, you flip over the desktop, and by way of an additional hinged leg piece, you have a sturdy dinner table that can comfortably host four people.  

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