Six Unusual Fashion Choices That Show You’re An Ultra-Sophisticated Person

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One of the purposes of fashion is to indicate your individuality. What you wear is an outward expression of what’s going on inside. 

For some people, that’s not much. But for others, that’s a lot. 

In this post, we take a look at some unusual fashion choices that suggest you’re a sophisticated person who differs from the norm. 

You Get Most Of Your Clothes Tailored

One obvious sign you’re an ultra-sophisticated person is that you get most of your clothes tailored. Ensuring everything fits perfectly is a sign you care about precision, flow, and elegance. 

Tailoring is helpful for blouses and skirts, but it also works wonders for blazers and suits. If you can get the proportionality on these right, the results are stunning. 

You Can Mix And Match Textures Without Creating A Scene

Another sign you’re an ultra-sophisticated person is your ability to mix and match textures without creating a scene. For you, it comes naturally and doesn’t require hours of experimentation or a color wheel. 

For example, you might pair velvet leggings with a cotton top, or a polyester shirt with synthetic chaps. 

You Aren’t Afraid Of Using A Bold Color Palette

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You might also be in the top tier of sophistication if you aren’t afraid to use a bold color palette from time to time, especially on special occasions. Choosing a bright dress that makes you stand out is a sign of inner confidence and the ability to take risks. 

The boldest color themes are head-to-toe monochrome. Wearing outfits of a single color immediately makes you stand out and everyone in the room will notice you. 

You Like To Experiment With New Materials

Another sign you might be ultra-sophisticated is if you’re the sort of person who likes to experiment with new materials. Even if something seems non-standard, you’re still willing to test the waters and give it a go.

For example, instead of going for gold or silver, you might choose titanium earrings. These are stronger and tarnish-resistant but also bring an earthier, more raw feel to your outfits. 

You could also try experimenting with PU instead of conventional leather, or nylon rather than cotton. Once you bring new materials into the mix, your outfits take on a radically different character. 

You Love Wearing Vintage

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You might also have high sophistication levels if you enjoy wearing vintage items. You can appreciate styles that came before and blend them with more contemporary looks. 

For example, you might be a dab hand at matching old-fashioned brooches with modern dresses and skirts. You might also love wearing statement earrings that match your neckline.

If you can make these fusions make visual sense, it usually means you have a high aesthetic IQ. You can see what’s beautiful even where others can’t. 

You Wear Puffy Sleeves

Finally, wearing puffy sleeves is a tell-tale sign that you’re a sophisticated person. These create a dramatic look and differ from run-of-mill styles that are so common these days. For example, you might have a puffy blazer or blouse in your wardrobe, just waiting to be used.

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