What do you do at the weekend? Is it a case of rushing around madly trying to get all those things done you didn’t have time for in the week? Or do you lie back, chill and spend the weekend doing very little only to find you’ve achieved absolutely nothing […]

Boating is very popular among British people, and rightly so, as it offers quality leisure time with the family. Your outboard motor is an essential component of your vessel and aside from regular servicing, the motor should be inspected after your last voyage of the season. Like any complex piece […]


In the eyes of an innocent: We were headed out to sea like the Pirates of the Caribbean, looking for the elusive fountain of youth. Anti-aging products were un-thought of and besides, we would never need them. We would remain forever young. Our pirate ship was magnificent and the envy […]


I’m not a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday kind of person. Saturdays work well in my favor. I do want to put a stronger emphasis on Mondays. They suck. After I make it through Monday, I can generally make it through the rest of the week. Yesterday was […]

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