When evening rolls around, it can often be difficult to get kids into bed on time. It’s recommended that kids sleep between nine to eleven hours of sleep every night, but many different issues like anxiety, nausea and restlessness can keep them wide awake. In the struggle to get your […]


https://pixabay.com/en/bride-wedding-love-marry-woman-2470854/ If you ever receive a wedding invitation, your first question might be whether or not kids are invited. These days, there seems to be a growing trend for weddings to which children are not invited – if this is mentioned on your invitation then all you need to do […]


Many people dream of traveling the world when they’re younger, only to grow up and have kids of their own. At this point, most parents are forced to accept that their wanderlust could go unfulfilled, or that they might have to wait until their kids leave home. Children need stability, […]

Below are mine and Kathy’s (Reviews by Kathy)’s Holiday Gift Guide selections for 2016. This page is dedicated to all things kids and we’ve got many great suggestions to share this year, for every budget. We will be adding more products until the end of the year so be sure […]

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