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OurPact Best Parental Control App #ad

OurPact Best Parental Control App #ad

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“I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact. All opinions are my own.“

With two tweens, I’m very concerned with the amount of time they spend on their smartphones and social media. I’ve read about and heard too many stories of things gone awry not to want to keep up with what the kids are doing and how long they are using their devices. Luckily, I’m able to put my mind to ease because of my newest discovery. I’ve recently been introduced to OurPact which is the best parental control app I’ve come across. It’s easy to use and free to download. Having responsible kids leads to responsible adults.

Go ahead and take a look at this video which I’ve found to be very helpful.

Can you see in the below photos just how easy OurPact has made it to limit applications and internet usage?

OurPact Best Parental Control App #ad

OurPact Best Parental Control App #ad

With the OurPact app, I don’t feel like I’m policing the kids activites so much as I feel I’m helping to guide their mobile habits because it’s my job to teach them responsibility with their smartphones. OurPact is an easy to use app for your Iphone that was created to help us as parents hold our kids and teens accountable with their social media use. It teaches them to be responsible with their time through the use of technology. If they learn to use technology responsibly now, I know I won’t have to worry later on when my guidance is no longer needed. When Tyler first got his tablet and smartphone, he instantly because addicted to a couple of games. He started to withdraw from us to play. It’s all he wanted to do and we knew we had to teach him to be responsible with how he spends his time. We’ve been working with him and limiting what he does with his devices and how long he uses them.

OurPact Best Parental Control App #ad

OurPact took the worry of how we do that out of our hands. In just 30 seconds, we can decide what we need to limit his access to or even what we need to block. If he does everything he is suppose to, like home work, we reward him with game time. If you have a tween or teen, now is the time to consider using OurPact before a problem like we’ve had arises. OurPact parental control is available to download on iTunes

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  1. Seriously this is so important especially with tween & tween with hi-tech smart phones. My nephew even had a tablet and he was purposely trying to find apps that promoted violence and such and I was looking for things to block him but I have to look into these for him!

  2. I’ve never heard of an app that would block other applications like this! Kids can go out of control on electronics and something like this can really help! Great review, your pictures are very clear and easy to understand how this would work.

  3. Electronics are in our everyday lives now more than they ever were. Getting children to do things that don’t involve them as much is important.

  4. Limiting the time that little ones are exposed to electronics is important. Thanks for sharing this way of doing just that!

  5. Is very important to keep an eye on the kids and now that everything is going virtual we need this kind of apps to have virtual yes as well. Thanks for sharing the information

  6. I think now a days its really important that we have an eye on kids and see what they are doing.Internet and social media is very usefull but it can be dangerous too.This app looks fanatastic.thanx for sharing

  7. I should say that this app is very smart and the people behind this are awesome. THis will be very helpful for parents who want to discipline their kids in terms of using devices. I like it and I am going to download right now… oh wait, I don’t have kids yet, so yeah, maybe I will just recommend.

  8. This is very helpful to prevent kids from spending too much time in their phones, and eventually keeping them away from things they should not see. This is a way to avoid unnecessary data charges as well.

  9. In our crazy technology heavy world today this is defintely something a parent needs to have. It’s great to monitor your kids so theyre not spending so much time in front of electronics, or finding things on the net they shouldnt.

  10. Awesome app. My daughter started using it and the kids are handling the change with no problem. They actually are enjoying finding things to do, like getting outside or reading books instead!

  11. This is such a great invention for teens and tweens who can’t manage to stay focused on important things! I admit I’m pretty into my phone at times, but I know when to put it down. My younger brother, not so much.

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